Freedom footage

The daily scribblings of a Freedom Challenge rider, covering the 2300km route as it winds its way across South Africa.

Part 1 – from the start in Pietermaritzburg to arriving in Romansfontein on day 9.
Part 2 – day 10 to arriving in Prince Albert on day 19.
Part 3 – from Prince Albert, via the Swartberg pass, through the Klein Karoo, up and over Stettynskloof, to the finish on day 25 in Diemersfontein, Paarl.

The full video of approx 55 minutes is available to download via Dropbox on

All the videos have been reduced in resolution to allow for practical download / viewing.


One response to “Freedom footage

  1. I’ve watched the entire 55minutes twice and am now busy with the 3rd round. I’m so inspired that I’ve pressed Enter on my entry application for 2014.

    Excellent video and I loved the whole soundtrack! Thanks for providing such a great service to those investigating the FC.

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